In every major zone, bots would flood general chat with MONEY FOR GIL ads, prompting players to switch their statuses to busy. FFXIVs Tuesday patch made some necessary changes that allows players to more easily report real money transfer (RMT) spam. ContinueTo actually report the larvae, FFXIV players were directed to an online bug report form , or the FFXIV forums. It was clunky as hell. With the latest patch, players can report RMT bots in FFXIVs chat log box, but do still have to block their messages on a case-by-case basis. reports sent using this function will be processed automatically. When it is confirmed the reported player is sending RMT messages, their ability to speak with other players will be restricted, Square Enix writes in their Patch 3.4 notes. So, less of the bot-block burden (say that five times fast) will be on players backs. This is one of the patchs greatest assets. With over a million subscribers, FFXIV is bound to be home for a few trolls.

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