If you are a woman who is still undecided about the body part you want tattooed, then ankle tattoos are a good option for you. In this case, with adequate rest, the swelling does subside on its own. In a closed fracture, though the bones are broken, the skin remains intact. It may also pinch the nerves surrounding the bone and can result in trapped nerves. In most cases, the sprain will have to be treated by keeping the ankle in a cast. Relief from Itching: The affected area is most likely to swell up and may also feel itchy. Take adequate rest and avoid standing for too long. Doctors generally conduct an X-ray to determine the type of injury.

Bale suffered a traumatic dislocation of the peroneal tendons of his right ankle in his sides 2-1 Champions League win against Sporting Lisbon on Tuesday, with former Manchester United and Southampton injury specialist Radcliffe suggesting the Welshman will be out for around a month. That recovery period would rule him out of the first El Clasico of the season against Barcelona on December 3rd, while he would also be a major doubt for Real Madrid Champions League Group F decider against Borrusia Dortmund later next month. Real Madrid may not know yet what the treatment will be for Gareth and they will assess the swelling before making a decision, states Radcliff. If the damage is severe, they will need to look at surgery to resolve the problem and if that is the case, you are looking at a 12-week recovery period. The hope of Gareth and Real Madrid will be that they can manage the situation, allow the swelling to go down and then treat the injury over the next three to four weeks with a view to him making a return after that. I had a situation like this during my time at Southampton and we had to go down the surgery route, which is obviously a last resort when you are talking about a player as important as Gareth Bale. The trouble is you can have popping of the ankle when you damage the peroneal tendons and if you try and get around the problem without surgery, timing a return is a major decision. It is possible that Bale could be back within three weeks, but my assessment would be that it will be longer than that and if he does have surgery, dont expect to see him on the field again for three months. read what he saidReblog

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